:SPCN_Panther01 NOTICE AUTH :*** guest login successful...
:SPCN_Panther01 NOTICE AUTH :*** IRC/IRCX compatible mode set.
:SPCN_Panther01 NOTICE AUTH :*** Looking up your hostname...
:SPCN_Panther01 NOTICE AUTH :*** Found your hostname
:SPCN_Panther01 001 >Testbot_467697853 :Welcome to the Sparkpea Chat Network >Testbot_467697853!1.76a3ed.1_a706564065b07a1fa494a0786ed19689@Guest
:SPCN_Panther01 002 >Testbot_467697853 :Your host is SPCN_Panther01, running version IRCwx Server Panther
:SPCN_Panther01 003 >Testbot_467697853 :This server was created on 01-Jan-2000
:SPCN_Panther01 004 >Testbot_467697853 SPCN_Panther01 IRCwx Server Panther ix vhoqpsmtufFwWxrRade
:SPCN_Panther01 005 >Testbot_467697853 CHANTYPES=%# PREFIX=(Qqohv)'.@%+ CHANMODES=Qqohv,k,l,pPsmtufFwWxrRade :are supported by this server
:SPCN_Panther01 005 >Testbot_467697853 NICKLEN=120 CHANNELLEN=400 CHARSET=utf-8,* :are available on this server
:SPCN_Panther01 251 >Testbot_467697853 :There are 221 users on 1 servers
:SPCN_Panther01 265 >Testbot_467697853 :Current Local Users: 221 Max: 2983
:SPCN_Panther01 422 >Testbot_467697853 :MOTD File is missing

:>Testbot_467697853!1.76a3ed.1_a706564065b07a1fa494a0786ed19689@Guest JOIN :%#ds.test.room

:SPCN_Panther01 353 >Testbot_467697853 = %#ds.test.room :'>Testbot_467697853
:SPCN_Panther01 366 >Testbot_467697853 %#ds.test.room :End of /NAMES list
:SPCN_Panther01 329 >Testbot_467697853 %#ds.test.room 1632539805

Script Completed